Healthy lifestyle is what everyone expects but a lot of people fail to get one as they find themselves leading a substandard way of live.The technique is simple and easy.There are many ways to practice a healthier mode of living.But we have to take this into consideration that health implies not only physical but also psychological one, in another way to say you have to nurture your body,mind and soul equinimously to get a proper understanding of yourself and to live without further worries for any types of infirmities.To say health is considered as the real wealth as it is what gives you innumerable opportunities in life to fight back whenever you get backed down by the problems in life.Health is the main source of our energy and power with which we can conquer any battles throughout our existence.So let us get to know the key to a healthy and happy life.


                                                1. Appropriate Diet

(i) Following a decent diet is the firsthand responsibility for us.To habituate ourselves to one we have to abide by some simple rules of food ingestion----

(a) Have good carbed or monosaturated foods ( almonds,walnut,grapes,carrots,maize,beetroot,Brown rice,whole grain bread,legumes,potato,sugarcane,apples,dal,sugar,dairies).An adult needs approximately 230-325 gm of carbohydrates per day.

(b) An average amount of 1.9 gm-2.10 gm /kg protein-filled foods (meat,fish,egg,soyabean,beans,milk,cabbages,lettuce,spinach,legume,tomato,green chilli,carrots,kiwi) provides our body a substantial amount of ability and vitality.A person on weight loss can carb down the protein to 1.7-2.1 gm/kg and for an athelete or heavy exercisers it should be somewhere between 2.1-3.5 gm/kg.

(c)Say no to drugs or drinks or smoking as these can harm your ability and make you lethargic and less creative.

(d) Keep yourself hydrated as far as possible.6-9 glasses or 3-4litre of water  per day is adequate for an adult female and male.

(e)Fat is another ingredient to be included into our diet on a daily basis for a greater  function of our metabolism.In this case we have to avoid Transfat(fried chicken,chips,cookies,cakes,pastries,stomach of cattles) instead it is better to turn to Monosaturated fat (Nuts,avacado,canola oil,sunflower oil,butter,peanut oil)and Polysaturated fat(walnuts,sunflower seeds,flax seeds,soyabean oil,fishes,corn oil safflower oil) as these two fatty acids never amass bad fat into our body and increases the risks of heart issues.

(ii) Avoiding oily foods and more spicy cooked foods,processed foods will keep the health problems at bay.

(iii) More fruits and vegetables are preferred always by a health conscious person.

(iv) Never skip meals(breakfast,lunch,dinner)as every meals has its own benefits we should not belittle any.

(v)  Reduce the quantity of sugar and salt in your food habit.

(vi) Consume your nutrients more than once but regularly and in lessened amount

                                                              2. Exercise

 Exercise on a daily basis is proved to improve our health in a considerable way,also stretching our body by syncronizing breaths gives us a balanced lifestyle. Excercises that you should follow for example-----

(i) Practicing yoga is a great way for stress relief :

(a) Breathing exercises(Bhastrika pranayam,Anulom-bilom,Suryavedi pranayam, Kapalbhati pranayam) are good for a healthy heart.

b) Core strengthening work outs ( Plank pose,Chaturanga Dandasana,Boatpose,Bakasana) makes better and strong lower abs and improves digestion.

(c) Cardiac exercise sequence (Squat crunches,push ups, sit ups) decreases risks of heart issues.

(d) For a better healthy leg bones and flexible legs and thighs with hip opening drills and other poses( pigeon pose, Kurmasana,Hanumanasana,upavista konasana,paschimattasana, Forward bend,Upabhistha Trikonasana) are significant.

(e) Back bending training(Wheel pose,bow pose,bridge pose,cobra pose) is to get rid of lower back pain and kidney issues.

                                                         3. Hobbies

Find enjoyable activities  or hobby(gardening,book-reading,cooking,writing journals,listening songs,searching information on google,watching tv) where you can occupy yourself after a day's work and shake all your tensions.

                                     4. Bring yourself closer to Nature

   Nature is a great medication to almost all ills and a teacher too.Spend time in nature.

.5.  Walk the tension out

  A great way to drive off all the sick and morbid thoughts is walking.Walk or run can come with captivating results as it brings down your bad belly fats as well as brings natural glow on your face while diverting your mind to something.

6. Give your body and mind a considerable rest it deserves

Last but not the least is Sleep sufficiently.An average person should sleep 6-7 hrs a day that soothes pains and gives an ultimate rest to body and mind.

So, at last this is to be noted that these tips are a gateway to a healthy uncomplicated lifeline. Accept your inerself and take a good care of your body and soul.Stay happy,stay healthy...Live,love and laugh---the best one to live longer and comfortable.Live and let live.Give us your comments below to remind us how you like these ways.