Our everyday lifestyle has become boosting reason for producing stress and anxiety  It is more common to get stressed out after occupied by the busy schedule of works and other activities which are more related to keep our brain at work 24/7.After so much of our activities it is really difficult to keep ourselves succumb to relaxation and continuing with inventing some new ideas which is notgood at all personal or professional life.We need to charge our brain to think positive and keep calm.Here are some intriguing ways to deal with such stress and anxiety.


1)Diet::- Feeding on exact foods is essential to keep ourselves
going on throughout the day.Following proper diet will do the tricks.

i) Avoid having more fast foods and other processed foods it can triggers off the indigestion an gastric problem by making us feeling more stressed and irritated.

ii) Have more leafy vegetables such as Spinach containing iron, Folate ,vitamin A produces dophamine a hormone induces pleasure.

iii) Keeping yourself hydrated is another trick to a high-level of stress reduction.Water is the best ingredient of course but as water does not contain any other vitamin or minerals we would suggest you to intake much Vitamin C for example orange juice and lemonade.To combat the irritated and exhausted feeling having green tea,ginger tea twice a day would promote a good mood adding a lightness to your temperament.

iv) Having dark chocolate is proved to lighten your temper. Consuming dark chocolate by men and women keeps the stress away as it is consisted of anti-oxidant.

v) Eat whole grain food like brown rice,brown bread.Stay away from having white pasta,white rice.

vi) Avocado is the best food to beat up stress level one quarter of it will make you feel so enlighten.As it has anti-oxidant,vitamin C,vitamin E producing glutatheon that blocks our intestine to store up bad fat.

vii) 4-5 cashew nuts is good for battling stress as it supplies zinc to our body.


2) Exercise::- Exercise is another most significant part to keep your stress at bay..

i) Engage your mind into yoga and embrace your inner-self.

ii) Follow up a routine of practicing different types of yoga.For example Prayanam,Hatha yoga,Yin yoga,Vinayasa Yoga.

iii) You can otherwise try learning kung-fu or any other kinds of physical activities.

iv) You should do Child pose,cow pose,cat pose,pigeon pose,shavasana ,Anjanasana,Upavistha Konasana,plank pose to keep your mind calm.

v) Habituating yourself into meditation for 5 mins a day keeping your finger in pranamudra will improve your concentration and breathing tactics.

Distract your mind
Distract your mind

3) Distract your mind::- Divert your mind from morbid thoughts keeping you awake and inattentive all the time is very important.

i) Find a hobby.You can rather get into gardening ,reading books and gather knowledge.

ii) Do the things interests you most for instance travelling,watching your favorite shows,trying new recipes.

iii) Go for a walk nearby lake areas or a forest place the greens or stress is considered to be the most peaceful and natural element for our brain.Nature is the main key to keep yourself relaxed.

iv) Improve your body language or appearance.Stop thinking negative and accept yourself the way you are.

v) Motivate yourself always.Always remember that you have a unique place on this earth everybody does so, never back down from your place.

vi) Forget about future and live the present moment.

vii) Be thankful for the things you have even if it's extreme problems or tough situation. Instead of complaining try to find a way out of your problems or troublesome situation.

viii) Plan a trip with your family or close friends to sea or forest areas .You can in turn travel alone as well.Take a sunbath.

 Proper Sleep

4) Proper Sleep::- Getting a good sleep every night is the main source of your energy to do anything next day. Give your brain a relaxing rest at night,and embrace the day with much expectations and creativity to make your day successful. As our brain works 24/7 and takes so many pressures,stress and also so many ideas it provide to us. So, our brain deserves proper space from everyday's life. An adult needs an average time-span of 6-7 hrs of sleep. Some people may face insomnia. So those insomniac people can do sleeping yoga before going to bed or you can just put a drop of lavender oil on your pillow and go to deep sleep. Keep yourself hydrated all the day long as far as possible.

These are the tips we can come up with for now but these will certain to make you feel whole and free.Try these techniques and let us know how it worked for you in the comments below.