Depressed moods disable you from accomplishing anything in your personal and professional life.More than 300 million people suffer from Depression every year.Presumable causes of depression can be hectic lifestyle,failed relationships,future plans,work pressures which more than often results into psychological and physiological problems such as high blood pressure,baldness,gaining or loosing weight,fatigued body and disinterests.Sometimes it is difficult to cope up with  but you have to make yourself ready to get off of this mental disintegration.Estimating it from this point of view you can understand how significant it is to overcome such complications.Let's check out the ways to handle it.

1. Learn to Manage yourself:: Firstly it should be observed neatly of what is happening inside your mind and the dilemmas you are in...

(i) Keep away from negative thoughts.If you are getting the suicidal thoughts then better to shut  those off  immediately and contact any of your family member who is closer to you or your close friend who is ready to listen.

(ii) Learn to recognize the signs of depression.Violence,screaming and try to harm yourself in other ways has been assumed to be the primary indications of depression.

(iii) Turn away from having negative thoughts in your mind like "you can't do this","you can't take it anymore" instead place it with the thoughts such as"you're okay","you have to fight it".In this way you will make yourself ready to fight this disorder.
(iv) Isolating yourself completely from everyone can be very disturbing so allow your family members to be with you.

(v) Depression can also be hereditary if such is the thing then inquire if any of your family members are going through it or not and ask them how they manage it.If it does not work then think outside the nucleus of family and turn to your close friend.

(vi) It is better not to bottle up those painful feelings and be expressive to someone closer.

2. Consult an expert's help:: If it is harder for you to fight alone then consult a psychiatrist ASAP.

(i) Depression can sometimes be very tough to defy so it is a better option to meet a psychiatrist.

(ii)Explain every emotional break down you are going through without skipping any point.

(iii) If you are prescribed any anti-depressant then take it at the right time.

(iv) Choose a therapist whom you are compatible with.Evaluate how he/she is suggesting and in what quantity is he/she referring  the medication.If you feel discomfort then it's no crime to change your therapist.

(v) Try the "5 second's rule" to get into action within the count of 5 which is considered to be a self-saving technique.

3. Engage yourself:: Keeping yourself busy can carry your mind away from the morbid thoughts.Follow your liked hobbies or activities.

(i) Read books to consume your time.Gather knowledge about any subject to feed your mind and brain.

(ii)Plan a trip to a place you like.Include your close friends or family members only if you can.

(iii) Find distraction in such physical activities like dancing,karate learning or any other activities such as painting.

(iv) Spend time with family.

4. Find Peace of Mind::  Finding peace of mind is very crucial for someone going through depression.

(i) Take walk closer to nature or go somewhere with forest area or lake.You can also take a small visit to a depopulated beach.

(ii) Keep a journal and write the things you are going through right now.

(iii) Take a moment and breath.Come out of any negative relationships.

(iv) Learn to appreciate yourself.

(v) Forget about the future and live in your present self.

(vi) Stop over-stressing yourself with useless issues or thoughts.Keeping peace within your mind is main.

(vii) Set a goal like - cleaning your house,having a low-fat milk before going to bed.Research on Depression read,read and read and enrich your mind and brain with information.

5. Eat healthy::  Binge onto healthy foods is inevitable for a calm mind and brain.

(i) Avoid drinking alcohol.Don't do drugs.

(ii) Don't skip breakfast.make a routine.Intake food rich in iron,calcium,protein.

(iii) Keep away processed foods and meat or any spicy and fast foods.

(iv) Keep yourself hydrated as far as possible.

(v) Control the consume of more sugar.

6.Exercise:: Exercise is essential to maintain better mental and physical health.

(i) Try to reach a goal of attaining any extreme pose in yoga.

(ii) Follow Yin Yoga 3 days a week combining it with legs flexibility yoga.

(iii) Follow the cardiac work outs 3 days a week with back bending poses.

(iv) Practice core strengthening yoga 3 days a week.

(v) For a better mental health 15-20 mins of meditation per day is the great thing to be accomplished at.

7. Get Proper Sleep:: Having adequate sleep for 6-7 hrs a day would do the trick.Sleep like a baby.Forget every future thoughts and stop imagining the situations.

Follow these tips and tell us how these worked for you in the comment section below..