Immunity Power comes from the white blood cells called leukocytes that aids in having a protective shield against any unknown bacteria or viruses and kills them.Boosting up immunity means nothing but to keep these white blood cells count higher. Immunity power varies from person to person some have weak immunity system that allows them easily prone to bacterial infection,or viral flu, common cold and cough,whether, immunity system of some is naturally strong. During recent situation, Covid-19 pandemic has become a worldwide threat to our health . So,at such a time we are giving some effective and available ways to keep your immune system vigorous and active.


1.Have proper diet:: Having fruits and vegetables are going to benefit you in several ways.

(i) Have Vitamin C containing fruits like :-Lime,Lemon,Orange,Grapes,Guava,Kiwi. An adult man needs 90 mg and woman 75 mg Vitamin C per day.

 (ii) Intake more protein for example meat,egg,fish and dairy products. 

(iii) Ingesting more colorful vegetables for example:-Spinach,carrots,eggplants,beetroots, capsicum,tomatoes,zucchini,kale,purple and red cabbages,broccoli (purple and white) are essentially beneficial for strengthening immunity system and proper dietary nutrition as well. 

(iv) Include Anti-oxidant in your daily diet as it prevents the ageing process of our skin and mainly helps to increase the count of red and white blood cells.

 (v) Beta carotene is another ingredient that boosts your immunity power. Such foods,such as:- apricot ,green pepper,beetroots, carrots really works wonders.

 (vi) Choose good fat which are unsaturated fats for example almond,sunflower oil.Avoid alcohol and fast foods and other processed foods.Greek yogurt also contributes to improving your immune system as it is a sour food that tends to contain some beneficial bacteria good for keeping common physical problems such as cold,cough,allergy at bay.

 (vii) Ginger,garlic and turmeric are three ingredients that we use in cooking are the most significant for improving our immunity power.

 (viii) Don't forget to keep yourself hydrated as far as possible and have milk by mixing turmeric into it before going to bed.

 (ix) Vitamin D and K also takes part in keeping us healthy with no diseases attacking us .Vitamin D containing vegetables are such as :- Mushrooms,Cod liver oil, other fish oils,and other sea fishes,whereas foods for instance :-kiwi,broccoli,any life of green leafy vegetables are comprised highly in Vitamin K.

 (ix) Vitamin B plays a vital role as well. Tomato,Carrots,Mushrooms,Salmon,Cabbages are great source of it. 

(x) Drink lukewarm water as it kills the harmful bacteria in our body by producing heat inside stomach and intestine system.


2. Exercise:: Keeping your body active is a good decision to activate your immunity power fully working.

 (i) Persuade a healthy lifestyle by practicing yoga.Breath fully to keep your heart and lungs healthy through Yin Yoga

(ii) Follow the yoga asanas that works for a strong immune system for example Marichayana, virasana,trikonasana,halasana,dandayasana. 

 (iii) Pranayam equally gives best results balancing out our breathing process .Bhastrika , Anulom-vilom,Kapalbhati,Suryavedi can be practised on a daily basis for immunity..

 (iv) Inversions or inverted poses like - Headstand,Handstand, Peacock pose always works better to increase the white blood cells count.

3.Keep your Health in Check:: Have a proper complete check -up of your health every month.                                     

Visit a doctor immediately if any mild symptoms occurs or in any cases of feeling discomfort. Sometimes, you can also check your own health. Just observe your nails and skin. If any breakage appears on skin or nails gets easily broken or seems so fragile it means you are having some  kinds of vitamin deficiency. This alerts you that you need to check your health and consult a general physician to know about your health.

 4. Enjoy Sunbath:: Our body needs to be fed Vitamin D though it can be done through taking foods containing this ingredients but still none can replace sunlight.Minimum sunlight is also essential to keep our immunity power properly fit.

 Follow these strategies to the keep your immune system active and fight off Covid-19.