Health is Wealth

Hello! Guys  we are  introducing a new website to create an insightful psyche towards operating a superior lifestyle through our best articles.We will try our best to give you numerous ways to fit into a greater health. Let's start.....As per the proverb goes that "Health is Wealth", it is a constructed idea inside our brain that triggers our mind towards the main concept of Health.Deep within us we all know what Health is and as the common belief goes the definition of health is taken into consideration in the form of a state of physical and psychological growth without any further diseases or disruption inside a human body.

                                           Health is a state of complete physical,mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity" as defined by WHO in 1948.Basing the facts of health on recent times it can be conferred that maintaining  good health is the real deal for all of us.With the increasing ways of leading stressful life we need to keep away from the negative effects of these to our physical as well as psychological order .WHO later added the word "Social well-being" in their reviews of Health in 1948 just to attract our attention towards the impacts of social life into our healthy lifestyle.

                                                       While expressing the views of why health is so crucial to  handled with much care,  it can be opined that to sustain an easy,accessible and  uncomplicated ways of life  we have to practice balancing a good health.If you could just manage to live longer without any causes of discomfort into your physical body or mind and without rushing to the hospital or doctor's chamber more often then you will most likely to get lucky in the matter of living peacefully and trouble-free.It is simple  enough to understand that we need to keep up a good health or we are gonna be ending up having lots of  a tired and withered ourselves in the way and our achievements will be impeded. Commonly we have to look for two types of health in us-

                               (i)  Physical Health  

                               (ii) Psychological Health

                               (iii) Social well-being      

                                           And  this is to add that  according to WHO  "Social well-being" is that new addition . In a brief discussion we are gonna define the trios.Physical Health is the body that also includes outer one which is also the results of nurishing the inside body systems or functions; wherever Psychological is the mental health, intangible, but can be felt and includes our feelings, our senses and our views or viewpoints . Whether the third one , a new addition  by WHO is to be referred to show the  the social effects in our lives as well as health as we are a social being our existence depends on the social norms and systems that sometime rules out our lifestyle that in some cases it can result into disintegrated social contacts.Now we are going to discuss about different types of health.

PHYSICAL HEALTH:-  Whenever we talk about physical health we think about our body.It's no wonder that we always have to look after our body and take care of it,as per the YOGA SHASTRA ,they render our body as a 'TEMPLE', and we have that much knowledge of what we do in the temple or how we revere temple... Yes, we worship our temple. Just in same way we worship our body or we should,as it is our responsibility ,cause if we don't we are more likely to get sick and lose our all ability to work or accomplish everything that we wish to.  Our 'Physicue' or body is the engine that always keeps us going.If we don't take a good care of it we're  going to face a lot of issues that we will cry in pain.So, the only key to keeps us going all the day long we need to feed our engine or in this sense 'OUR BODY' or 'PHYSICUE'.Our body or physical health depends on the supplements that we provide inside our body.It takes our every organs and functions to form our definition of the whole body. We need to understand that only sufficient amount of Vitamins and Minerals , in a complete sense,nutrition ,that is only essential for keeping our physical health upright and strong.Physical health is significantly the most outer layer of us covered by skin and other inside organs that works days and nights to keep our body functioned and going on on a regular basis.

PSYCHOLOGICAL HEALTH:- The word 'PHYCHE 'defines our mind or rather the wellness or improving our inside.It mainly consists of our emotions,thoughts,imaginations and social well-being.It also relates to our handling of stresses,making our choices.                 

Our psychological health can be affected by many factors. Our social surrounding, family environment or even the educational atmosphere also take a vital part in keeping our psychological health in tunes.Sometimes,our childhood or adolecence times too is extremely in relation to our good psychological health.              

Instead of environmental factors there are some biological factors that play significant role in relation to keeping our psychological health in terms of our healthy lifestyle. Such biological factors   are for instance Trauma, mental abuse or others mental issues can be a great obstacles in our way and challanging to keep our mental state stable or healthy . Mental heath is mostly t affect our physical health and social well-being.

SOCIAL WELL-BEING:-As we've discussed earlier social well-being is actually dependent on the social relationships,our social stability and maintaining a healthy and correct social as well interpersonal relationships.                                                                                

As humans are mainly social people or social living beings, if we don't prove to relate to other people living in our society or approach to people in a good way we will become socially incapable of balancing social and personal relations.The factors affecting our social well-being can possibly be attributed to our improved psychological and good physical health. As a healthy person can approach to other people of society and accept others easily , a Psychologically or Physically sick person would do so with much difficulty.                                    

                                                  So,be socially acceptable and feel free naturally in your society we also need to check our physical and psychological health with very much care.and to maintain such a life we need to get into some activities for example Practising Yoga  or any types of exercises or Pranayam ;have a balanced Diet and pursue any of your most liked hobbies.

 Now let's come to our world of articles regarding health issues and how to solve them.